(Seite auf englisch, weil das Buch ebenfalls englisch ist…)

Have you ever noticed that there are sometimes stereotypes of people you’ll meet at every Aikido seminar? Now imagine what kinds of animals they would be. Sounds funny, right?

That’s what I thought, too, so I actually started to draw them with the goal of getting 31 done for inktober2019. But more and more of them came to mind or were suggested by Aikidoka around the world, until now I have collected more than 50 of them.

And because so many people were asking for it, I put them into a book and funded it with a kickstarter campaign.

By now, all the book copies I had left from the kickstarter print run are gone!

But the book has it’s own ISBN number now: 978-3-347-00081-0.

I published it with Tredition, a German on-demand publisher. German speakers (or anyone who can navigate a German online shop) can BUY THE BOOK RIGHT HERE.

Soon it will also be possible to order a copy on Amazon.de, they‘re still working on that.